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Dear Pastor

  Once again me from Poona. Great city.Happy reading Urantia & BOM >> could you please explain about priesthood keys? what is mean by priesthood keys?

>>> why Israel and USA are most blessed nations than any other nation.

>> how this is happened?

>>>do you ever read sir.Aurobindo books and Urantia aurobindo follower as well as i love Karl Marx

>> is there any relationship between BOM , USA superiority among the nations..

Mercy- thanks


please answer to me>> happy Christmas. share jesus christ love

Hi Yusufabdullah,
 I will be happy to answer your questions.

Priesthood keys are the authority given by God in the latter day (since the 1820s) to baptize, lay on of hands, to heal, give the gift of the Holy Ghost, and to administer the Sacrament.

Some may have taken this too far in assuming that whatsoever they say in the name of God is "sealed in heaven" even if such things were not inspired by God and disagree with the Scriptures. Many false doctrines have been canonized into the church by this false idea.

Yes, AT TIMES Israel and the USA are blessed above other nations, but this is conditional! This is under the conditions when Israel or the USA are obeying God's commandments, not given over to lust, crime, murders, secret societies, greed etc. etc. When these chosen nations are righteous they are blessed above all other nations, when wicked they are cursed. This happened to Israel many times in the old days when they worshipped idols, committed all manner of iniquity and ultimately sacrificed children to pagen idols. When this happened they were taken over by foreign nations, the majority slain, faced horrible persecutions throughout the ages. We know this happened when they were taken over the Babylonians near 600 BC, by the Roman near the time of Christ, and in the latter day by the Russians and Nazis. The same curse faces the USA and prophecy say when we are filled with lyings, murders, witchcrafts, secret combinations etc. we will be destroyed in such a manner as has never been known in history. I think we are getting close to it.

I have not read any of the other books you mentioned. They do not lead to Christ and Karl Marx was plain evil. Stay away from such things, there is nothing good in it.

God Bless,

Latter-day Saints

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