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dear mike.

i have come across your earlier email replies. it seems you are practicing christian. your testimony impresses me

few clarifications needed

1) i had been there in  bangalore for along time

2) earlier i used to go christian fellowship church centre for very short period. that in year 2004

3) from that time onward one christian pastor from that church giving disturbance to me by hacking my email id. he not only stealing details from email as well as from my computer.

4) he hacking not only my computer all of my family members and working office frds email id and computer system

5) he using very high technology

6) every one blaming me im the culprit

7) as well as he telling hacking the computer is righteousness

how to over come this stress ???

indeed im very prayerful

yours faithfully

Hi Mr. U,
 The person claiming to be a Christian while hacking other peoples computers cannot possibly be a Christian. Often when I have debated with others online there are some who are not there to seek the truth, but only to prevent the truth from getting out, picking arguments and fights, and causing contention. I really don't understand it and what motivates them, other than the Devil. I had similar problems with online discussions and simply walked away from them... this resulted in a lot less stress for me. I've since found many better things to do with my time.

If your computer is hacked you may need to reinstall your operating system, create new passwords and email addresses and start all over.

Hope this helps,
God Bless,

Latter-day Saints

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