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The Urantia is an interesting but unconvincing writing for a Chrisstian believer like the Mormons are.  These writings generally support the wide view of Jesus Christ but their view id diffused about who Jesus Christ really is.  There are a few comparisons that you can find between the Uranti and the Book of Mormon that are helpful. Also, there are some general comments about the differences between the theology found in the Urantia and that of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  They are found easily with a little googling. Interestingly, the followers of Urantia have not formed a church nor are they organized in any special way. Rather, those who follow it are independent thinkers who write, study and express their belief in the teachings of the Urantia and that is about all.  Whereas, the "Mormons" are now a world wide organization of 15 million souls who follow the teachings of the BofM all the way.  For you as a "Mormon" I say stay with it and don't let these stray teachings and others similar unto it take you away from the "iron rod" as explained in the BoM.

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For a different viewpoint on Mormonism for your questions, try me. I am a staunch believer in the Book of Mormon and belong to another church (the Church of Christ)that is set up identically to the Biblical church. If there are things about traditional Mormonism that trouble you or you have questions about, just ask and you might find the answers from the Book of Mormon to be quite surprising. I have been studying the scriptures diligently for 16 years under the school of hard knocks... I may not have all of the answers but will sure go find them if I don`t. I`m strongest on Biblical and Book of Mormon doctrines, and am also somewhat familiar with Mormon history and archaeology.


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