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Latter-day Saints/Urantia>> im decent "hath ki safai" christian


hi there


im LDS church member here in mumbai

i love Urantia book too >>>is any thing wrong in that?

hi there im following book of Urantia & book of mormon

could you tell whether following this book is correct or wrong?

some of my friends telling this  satans book/ Satan(chettan) come  in to flesh and dictates this book >> lie about godliness >>like that demotivating me to read Urantia book

kindly tell me book of mormon & Urantia book both are lie?

or any one true? or both are true?

please guide me

Hi Uma,
 I will be happy to answer your questions. I have never heard of or read the book of Uranta and cannot comment on its validity. However I have read the Book of Mormon completely 4 times and studied it countless times and can with complete confidence say that it is true and a book of God. It teaches the very same principles as the Holy Bible and has absolutely nothing to do with Satan. It preaches Christ and Biblical salvation, it teaches righteousness and the simple truth. If the Urantia does not preach Jesus Christ, that ONLY through Him and His atoning blood can man be saved... then it is likely not a true book. I know in India there is a multitude of gods and it is easy to get confused as to what to believe in. If God really exists He would have to be perfect (else in His imperfection He would already have destroyed us) and all other gods would be lesser and imperfect, and in reality are false gods, idols of man and the devil.
 The Bible prophecies that there will be only TWO books that will become one in our hands (the stick of Joseph and the stick of Ephraim). The Book of Mormon also prophecies of the Bible and of itself and indicates that the other ten tribes shall also write books of there own, however it seems to indicate that this will only come when the millennium begins which it has not yet. Other books such as the Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price have too many false doctrines to possibly be true. Remember only TWO! Doctrine by doctrine the Bible and Book of Mormon fully agree and compliment each other, all else seems to lead one away from Christ and what He did for us.

God Bless,

Latter-day Saints

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