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Why does people say that Mormonism is a white man religion? I was recently at a function and some of the people there mention that they would join the Mormon Church because of it view on curse of ham and it relations to blacks. Then there are some Mormons who live close to me and will speak ill of the Mexican who work in the town.

I am not anti mormon nor a racist and I know that Missionary goes around the world to spread the gospel for all people so I know they can't be racist. How can some profess faith in the LDS but then spout racist views on Blacks and mexican?


Hi Calvin.

It's sad to hear about racism of any kind in this day and age.

Many people believe that Mormonism had a difficult time of it for a long time, because of a historical position regarding the fall of Cane, the brother of Abel. While I do not want to discuss any of that early Mormon historical/political decision-making, I can say that those situations, from a cultural perspective, no longer exist, and to add, the Mormons have always been led by righteous and honorable men.

Any worthy male in the world, who follows God's path, is aligned with LDS Church teachings, and is worthy to, may receive the Priesthood. There is no "curse" on black people or anyone else, for that matter.

As far as Mormons who speak ill of other races or cultures, that is unfortunate, and I am certain that the Mormons have no anchor on speaking racist remarks. Everybody has their own agency to say and do what they like, but i can assure you, any reference to any race is NOT part of Church teachings In fact, Latin America has more Mormons than any other culture in the world. The feelings and remarks of your neighbors are theirs, and not the Church.

Mormon missionaries do serve all over the world, and I can assure you, their messages is of the pure love of Jesus Christ and nothing else.

Thanks for letting me respond. I hope you find your happiness, and please forgive your short-sighted neighbors.  

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