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I am doing a research project, and my topic is the leadership and legacy of Joseph Smith. I am looking for the words and opinions of other people that I would quote while answering the following questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

How has Joseph Smith continued to influence the lives of people today?Has the impact on people evolved from when he first founded the Mormon religion?

Mormons believe that Joseph Smith opened the last dispensation of God's kingdom, as he restored the "Pre-Nicean" structure of the Christian Church. Because of Joseph Smith, all of the processes and spiritual guidelines that were established by Jesus himself, have been restored to the earth for all of the world.

Mormons hold Joseph Smith in high regard as a prophet and founder of the LDS faith, but still recognize that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the head of the Mormon Church--no man could ever hold that position, but God.

The physical life of Joseph Smith is always reflected by the LDS community as one of great sacrifice and suffering for the sake of his faith and what he believed he saw in the Sacred Grove in New York when he was a child (that of the appearance of God the Father and his Son, Jesus Christ).

Joseph Smith was murdered for his religion, as were his brother and many early Mormon settlers. For his sacrifice, Mormons believe he sealed his own witness and testimony in his own blood--much like Jesus and the great Apostles of the First Century.

Little, if any, "impact" of Joseph Smith's life has evolved since he lived. He is still regarded with profound respect--if anything, his writings and philosophies are being re-read as materials that further ratify the things that he foresaw would come to pass for the Lord's faithful in these modern days.  

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