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Hi Drew
What is Mormonism view on the afterlife?
Do they believe that non christian will go to hell?
Will Mormon and non Mormon get to reunite in the afterlife?
Thank you


Mormons believe that when we die our spirits go to a place of learning and service, far more pleasant than this world. We remain there and learn about God's Eternal Plan, or serve in some capacity, until the Resurrection of our bodies, at which point we receive the opportunity to be judged for the decisions we made and life we lived during mortality.

Mormons do not believe that non-Christians go to hell, but the term "Hell" means to be cut off from God's presence, and as such, even in the presence of the Savior, Jesus Christ, it would be a far better thing than to be left wandering eternity not knowing where we belong.

The notion of a "lake of fire" was an idea conjured up by the Catholics in the 14th century to terrorize non-believers into submission. There is no lake of fire in eternity (although people can still be cut off from God's eternal presence).

God is no respecter of persons. Whether a Mormon or non-Mormon--all souls are resurrected and brought before the judgement bar of Christ. The whole "Mormon" thing is just a nice, tidy way of recognizing people who believe in the idea that God had a plan from the pre-mortal state of humankind, and that his Plan was told to us via Jesus Christ and then restored by Joseph Smith.

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