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hennypenny wrote at 2006-07-13 02:38:54

why didn't they have a epasode of her like the other fallen officers. They need to go back and pick up and tell more on this epasod

Soraya R wrote at 2007-02-04 06:24:43
I see that the original question is years old, but I found it with the one answer as a result of my own Google search. Having heard the following reference to Claire's death today in the aforementioned "Under the Influence" episode, I began myself to wonder how Claire had died. clearly I'd missed one or more continuous episodes in my non-sequential watching of reruns. The following dialog caught my ear and led to my Internet search, and adds to the "explanation" of Claire's death as follows: Briscoe to Ross talking about McCoy: "Do you mean has he said 'This one was for Claire Kincaid?' No. That guy got twelve months at Mount McGregor." Ross: "Yeah I know, I pulled the file. You were in the car with her." Briscoe: "Yeah, I was catching a ride home. Claire came down to the bar to pick up McCoy, he'd already split. Bad timing all around." Not that Claire's death is contested or anything, but I also agree that her death and the subsequent references to it were kind of under-played to the point where many fans seem to have missed it entirely!

Tyler Ryan wrote at 2010-03-28 16:13:41
Just wanted it on TNT (Sunday 3/28)  It did seem like a thinly disguised political stance against the DP.  Sadly, there was no equal representation for the pro DP crowd.  Interesting episode to say the least....

BID316 wrote at 2010-03-28 16:25:09
Aftershock just aired on TNT.  I missed it originally.  For 14 years, it always "bugged" me that I didn't know how Claire died.  I wasn't sure that she had actually died.  Even my die-hard L&O fan cousin couldn't sort it out for me.

BUT...  To your point (in this question, and others), during Aftershock, Lennie alluded to a relationship between Jack McCoy and Claire Kincaid.

At the bar, an "over-served" McCoy asks Lennie what time his (McCoy's) watch has.  Lennie says, it means that she's not coming.  Further, Lennie indicates that at least "she" is Irish.  I took this to mean that Lennie "knew" of the Jack-Claire connection (even if it wasn't a "full-blown" affair).  Not knowing of an affair, I would have assumed that the meeting was NOT work-related and that Jack was, at least, pursuing Claire.

I took this as "confirmation" when Claire knew where to find Jack.  In a "suspense of reality" world of TV and movie entertainment, it does make sense that Jack was waiting for Claire at a pre-arranged location OR their regular spot.

This was my first time seeing this episode and I took this to mean that there was some sort of relationship between the two.

I would take any allusion to Jack and a former assistant having an affair as "too general."  Due to Jack's past actions, I got the impression that each assistant was being sized-up as a new romantic interest.  This seemed to be a recurrent theme.

SueE wrote at 2010-06-17 21:37:26
Just finished watching this episode and couldn't believe it.  I have watched re-runs for years and this may be the worst episode ever.  The answer here is about as good as you could get.  It made all of the characters look characterless.

Lnojunkie wrote at 2012-03-21 01:06:14
Jack calls Claire's beeper from the pay phone at the bar ( just as Lennie is walking in), and we see Claire receive it and tell Van Buren she should take it in private. That's how she knows to pick him up.

Agreed, the best part of the episode is McCoy's monologues about his dad. He's a great actor:)

Rachel wrote at 2012-03-25 10:14:20
This epi was just on.  I myself like svu. And when i saw the ending I was like wtf

Dave B wrote at 2013-01-21 15:17:41
Hi Kitt, I want to thank you for your outline of this particular episode, I haven't seen it yet, but am truly sorry to see Claire gone in such a pointless manner. As you stated, with the horrid circumstances of the crime committed by the defendant who was ultimately sentenced to the death penalty I also think that police & the prosecutors involved would have had an easier understanding of the sentence imposed by the court. Maybe not all of them would have thought it a just sentence, but certainly some involed would have thought the punishment fit the crime. I am going to miss Claire on the show, she brought a youthful exuberance to the team that will be lacking without her.

Thanks again, Dave B

Barbata wrote at 2016-07-18 01:32:45
I just watched it and you were very on point. It was the last episode on, so I thought she died, but just wanted to make sure since I didn't remember!! Thanks

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