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Hello! My daughter, Cameron, is a 10th grader and is seriously thinking about pursuing law based on her analytical thinking skills, writing ability, love of history, detailed thinking, argumentative nature, and sincere desire to "help make the world a little bit better place to live." All that said, I am not sure how to best counsel her (pun intended!) on how to use her last two years of high school, what to major in as an undergrad to best prepare her for law school, extracurricular activity/jobs to pursue, solid undergraduate colleges to consider, etc. I'd appreciate any guidance you could provide, so that Cameron makes the most of her last years of high school. Thank you so much for your help! Shelia

Hi Sheila -

It's so cool that your daughter is already thinking, at such a young age, about what career she wants to pursue.  It sounds like she's very smart, determined, and will succeed no matter what she does. :)

One of the great things about law school is that it doesn't matter what your major is in undergrad.  Law schools like admitting a variety of students with different backgrounds.  Therefore, all that's required is an undergrad degree - the subject of which doesn't really matter.  I tell people to choose a major they will enjoy and do well with, this way they have a good GPA with which to apply to law school.  She should just focus on doing the best she can in high school so she can get into a good college, and then do the best she can in undergrad so she can get into a good law school.  Law schools love applicants who volunteer, so she should try and get involved in her community during high school and undergrad.  If she has the opportunity to participate in any sort of mock trial program in high school or undergrad, she should do that, too.  If she can get a job in the legal industry, that would be good, too.  Everyone does things differently, but I worked at a law firm as a receptionist when I was 18 and went to school at night.  Then I became a legal secretary there and still continued college in the evenings.  It's hard but fun and is a good experience.  She doesn't have to get a legal job, though.  She'll also need to start preparing for the LSAT but she doesn't need to even worry about that until she's a sophomore in college.  She can always visit for more info on how to apply to law school and what is required.  She'll need letters of recommendation so she should work on establishing good relationships with college professors so they can write good letters.

That's all I can think of at the moment.  Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any other questions.  Good luck to Cameron!  She's lucky to have such a supportive mom. :)

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