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What would the job prospects be like for someone with a BA in political science (from a 4 year state university) and a law degree from a T14 law school? This person wishes to work in corporate law, preferably with a large higher-end firm in the northeast US. This would be several years into the future so assume the overall job market has improved by then. Is it hard to get a good paying job (starting at around $160k+) in a large city, large law firm environment with the above credentials? I would expect it to be competitive but is it unreasonable to expect those kinds of jobs upon graduation?


Hi Jackson -

It's hard to make any predictions because there are so many variables that are unpredictable. So much of it depends on what city you're talking about, where you rank in your class at graduation, the law school you attend, the job market, etc. It's really hard to say. Nothing is impossible, but I can tell you that to land a job like you describe, right out of law school, is not the norm. Most huge firms that hire first years and pay that much as a starting salary are in cities like NYC and are extremely competitive.

Hope this helps. Good luck.  

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