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Lawns/Darken the color of my lawn


Valley Organics, Llc wrote at 2012-05-26 14:19:52
Organic lawns are usually darker and more uniform in color. You can also try Ironite to help the striping.

Brian wrote at 2013-07-08 02:56:02
Just fertilize it!!!  the more fertilizer/water the darker the Lawn! Fertlizer it when the lawn is wet.

spread lightly and wait for the results and then spread again if needed... remember a fertilized lawn should be watered atleast once a week and cut with your mower very high.., 3.5 inches is best... the grass strain will make no difference as for 99% of people cannot tell the difference in them.

Also if the old lawn has weed in it apply scotts weed&feed fertilzer, it will kill the weeds and darken the grass at the same time.

I cut/maintain 50 lawns per week in the chicago burbs  


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