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Lawns/Planting grass when nighttime temps are near freezing


I've just seeded some areas in my lawn with Bullseye fescue and the covered them with straw.  With the cold nighttime temperatures, should I be watering the grass seed?  Thank you.

As soon as a seed is in the ground and has begun to absorb moisture, it starts on an irreversible process of germination. Of course it does also need an optimal temperature range.
Your best plan is to make sure that the soil does not dry out. The seeds will take up moisture from the soil as long as the soil has that moisture to give up.
Think of a particle of soil as a magnet and the water molecules as paper clips. You can see that if there is only one paper clip, the soil will hold on to it very tightly. As more and more paper clips are added, the outer ones are weakly held and can be drawn away.
So water less at any one time and repeat only when you judge that water is needed.
A practical test is to squeeze a handful of soil into a ball and then open your palm. Smack your open palm from underneath with your other hand. If the ball of soil holds together the moisture is enough.
Hope this helps.


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