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hi, i live in california and last summer i layed new sod and its still nice and green  but its like it did not get strong roots it seems very weak when i cut it where i walk and wheels from mower the blades do not spring back they lay flat it takes several days is there any thing i can do to thicken and strengthen it  thankyou very much for your help , gary

By this time that sod should be firmly rooted in.
The one symptom that you describe "the blades do not spring back they lay flat..." suggests a drought problem; but further " takes several days" suggests a severe condition. You should certainly see patches of brown crisp grass.
So let us eliminate the problems one by one.
1. Insects: Mix 1 oz. dish-washing liquid (I use Lemon scented Joy ) in 1 gallon of water and pour it very gently over one square foot of grass. You want the liquid to seep downward (not run off across the top) to flush out any insects that are in the soil. After a while, all insects in the area will be struggling to get to the surface.
Note: Grubs might be your problem. They eat up the roots so if the turf pulls up easily like a piece of carpet, dig fairly deeply to find them.
Your task now is to identify the harmful insects and then decide on a control measure. Here is where you can locate the County Extension Office near you. They will help you out.
2. If insects are eliminated, then you are dealing with a disease. A fungus is the usual agent that causes turf diseases. Again the County Extension Office will help with identification and control.
You can spade up a convenient size of the sod (2 sq. ft.) and take it into the Extension Office where the will do all the work for you.
I think that you will find the DIY exercise very interesting and fun.
         Happy New Year!!


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