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Lawns/small front yard with a very soggy portion


Hi! I have searched on the Internet and there is no shortage of answers but I could not decide which one to do. i will describe situation accurately

1. small front yard about 25 ft x 20 ft

2. within this, an area about 10ft x 8ft always remains wet and nothing grows, not even rye grass

3. i have tried digging, using compost, top soil, nothing works

4. finally want to try drainage

5. the length of drainage from the center of this wet area to the street would be about 12 ft

6. could you please tell me if this might be the right way and if so a brief description of steps to do   i have seen pictures of long trenches but here the distance would be about 12 ft
thank you

thank you

The most important consideration is the slope from this wet area to the street. If there is a slope, then what is preventing the water from seeping into the street, now?
You must have seen this seepage after a heavy rain shower. Water continues to trickle into the gutter for hours after the rain has ended.
I think that you might have a more complex problem that will require more input than I can offer at this time.  


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