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I have a number of spots of Wild Thyme on my lawn and in my pastures (NY State) which I would like to remove.  I don't have a problem using a product like RoundUp as there are no animals grazing at the moment.  If I use an herbicide like RoundUp, once it has killed the plant, say 10 days after application, what do I do next?  Do I dig up the dead Thyme, put down top soil and seed or simply seed over the dead Thyme.  I would like to replace the Thyme w lawn and/or pasture.

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ANSWER:  RoundUp  will certainly kill it. All you need to do is apply it as a dilute spray or wipe on  the concentrate to the weed with a suitable tool. Click Here. Please not that you do not need to do anything more. The RoundUp will be taken to all parts of the plant and it will be completely killed.

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QUESTION: Thanks so much for your prompt reply.  After it dies off, will grass naturally take over in it's place or should I remove the dead Thyme, spread topsoil and re-seed?

You will have to   intervene; because Mother Nature will "heal" the scars which we leave on the land; and you might not like her choices. "Nature abhors a vacuum" applies to the landscape also.
 All grasses can be grown from either 'seed' or 'pieces' (sometimes both).
 If you are dealing with the former, you must sow seeds on the bare patches.
 If you are dealing with the latter, you can sod, plug or sprig the bare patches.
 Either way, you will have to 'nurse along' the planted areas for the first few weeks.
 This nurturing involves much watering - and this creates good conditions for weeds - so be prepared for some focused work to get the new areas established and weed free.
   It is not as difficult as it may sound.  


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