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Lawns/"Straw" is overtaking the front of my property


QUESTION: I've lived in my wooded property for over 40 years. Over the past 5 years or so, a tall grass of some sort (12-15" high) has been increasing along the front of the woods and has overtaken the wild flowers and desirable wild berry bushes that used to grow there. It dies at the end of summer and then looks like straw and lays down, so weedwacking isn't possible. The ground beneath it is irregular, so mowing isn't an option. I tried to do some removal by hand, but the roots are tough and deep. There's poison ivy in a few places underneath it. New growth is starting to peek through it now. What do I need to do to clean it up so it doesn't grow back? It covers at least 1500 square feet. I don't care about a cultured look or intend to plant something else in it's place. I just want to get rid of that ratty-looking dead stuff permanently to tidy things up. Bringing in some kind of clean fill as the last step would probably be fine, but something needs to be done first. A grass lawn grows between it and the road approximately 20' deep and 450' long. Any suggestions?

ANSWER:  You can kill the offending vegetation with Roundupô.

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QUESTION: I'd like suggestions on how to remove the dead stuff that's already there.

I cannot think of any easy solution.
If it is legal, you can try a "control burn".
You can truck it away to a suitable location and start a compost pile.
You can plough or disk it into the ground. Please note that by doing this you can cause the problem vegetation to multiply even more.
I am very sorry if I have not been very helpful.


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