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Lawns/Piece of Lawn Ripped Out -- Will Grass Regrow?


Dear Mr. Persaud,

The other night raccoons wreaked havoc on my backyard lawn.  They ripped out small chunks of grass (none bigger than 1 sq ft).  I "replaced the divots" where I could, but there are still several sections where I could not...and in these sections all you see is dirt.

Will the grass eventually grow back in these bald spots?  I do not know what type of grass it is.  

Also, if it does grow back, how long will it take?  Does grass tend to spread until it reaches a barrier, such as concrete or a place with no dirt/soil?

Thanks so much for your help.  


The first thing is to identify the grass and determine whether it is usually propagated by seed (bahia or rye)or by pieces (vegetatively) - St. Augustine.
If by seed, buy some seed and sow them in the bare patches. Do not forget to water adequately to ensure germination and establishment.
If by pieces, you can plant plugs. If not, 'square out' the bare spots to accommodate whole pieces of sod and sod in the usual manner. You can cut a piece of sod to fit a small patch but I recommend that you do not cut a sod in more than two pieces (in half).
Some grasses put out runners aggressively. If you have such, then spread a thin layer of topsoil on the bare patches to encourage these runners to cover the area.
Contact your County Extension Office for help in identifying your turf grass. They will give you invaluable advice as to how best to tackle your particular situation.
Finally, a definite "YES! " to your last question.  


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