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Hello, I very much would appreciate your perspective on how I might best reseed my lawn here in Central Florida.  We are reluctant to install an irrigation system, and therefore stick with Argentine Bahai. I complement use of weed and feed products with manually removing weeds by the roots.  However, when I was away for a few weeks late last summer, the weeds took over in some areas.  

Therefore, I plan to reseed large parts of the yard.  I am considering using Dalen Grass Fast, or another solution that will help keep seedlings moist and keep birds away. (,  Overall, my research has shown this would be better than using hay and that it may be worth the expense and extra effort.  I am going to cut the grass very close, catch the cuttings, rake the soil well, seed on the heavy end of the recommended amount, rake the seeds into the well-raked soil, and then make sure the seeds and seedlings stay moist.

My main question is: what approach would you suggest someone that lives in Central Florida take to reseed large parts of their lawn?  
Related questions:
Does the approach I outlined make sense?  
Should I use Argentine Bahai since I don't want to install irrigation?
Where in Central Florida (Lakeland) might be the best place for me to buy grass seed?
How would you suggest I keep birds from eating the seeds, while also maybe helping keep the seeds moist?

Your time and help are greatly appreciated.


'Pensacola' Bahia is probably more adapted to Florida conditions. Wait until the minimum temperature reaches 70F degrees around the clock.   Use scarified seed and sow it late in the day. Water it well and maybe the birds will not discover it next day. It is important to keep the ground moist enough throughout the germination and establishment period. You could suffer  100% failure if you stop watering too early.
Where ever you purchase the seed, make sure they show you the SEED LABEL
Everything else that you plan to do will help.


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