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Lawns/Organic Lawn fertilization: When & With What?


I have been Organic in my lawn and garden for about 4 years now.  I have not used any chemical in my yard  at all.  (4 years ago-We had a grub problem that was controlled by beneficial nematodes.)  I came across your site and find the answers to lawn questions very though and helpful.  
What do you recommend as the fertilization schedule for my blue grass lawn? It is mowed weekly (at highest setting on mower). Our irrigation is set for 2 times per week at 30 mins per zone. I live in St. Louis, Missouri.  We have been fertilizing once in early spring (2nd week of April) and applying Lime.
What fertilizer types to you prefer? What application schedule?
Thank you!

I understand "organic" to mean derived from animal or vegetable matter - farmyard manure and the like. This is different from "organic' in chemistry, where it means a compound of carbon.
Organic products improve the physical properties of the soil - density, porosity etc. over a long time. They improve the chemical properties - pH, salinity etc. indirectly, and over a long time.
 Sorry I could not help more.  


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