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how can I rid my lawn of wild violets without killing the grass? Last year I sat and pulled them out of lawn only to have them again in my lawn this year. I,ve got a good stand of grass and have so many health issues now and can,t sit down to dig them out. I use them in my established flower gardens for weed contol and love to see them bloom in the spring! I had seen to use sugar but will that effect mygrassanyway? Thanks for any advice that would be help to me.

I do not have a specific answer.
Generally, mow the lawn often enough to prevent the weed from seeding. You may well have to mow, not because the lawn grass is tall, but because the weeds are about to form seeds or seed heads. Very often this is how one treats a Bahia lawn; because the seed heads are ugly!
The wild violet spreads by rhizomes also. You can try to smother the new growth by raising the cutting height on your lawn mower.
This can mean that sometimes you will not be cutting the grass, but the tops off the weeds.  


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