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Unidentified grass
Unidentified grass  
QUESTION: Hello. I live in southern middle Tennessee and I have a type of grass in the lawn of my apartment and I love it. However, it only grows in small bunches and I want to promote it's growth to make it so thick that it chokes out the dandelions while maybe if possible allowing the wild violets and Indian strawberries to grow with it simultaneously without costing anything. I would just be happy knowing what kind of grass it is if there is no way to promote it taking over the yard. It never turns brown unless we have a severe winter. It took temperatures of below 20 degrees Fahrenheit to turn it brown but when the weather warmed up it popped back to life. I am attaching a picture to help in identifying it.

ANSWER:  I cannot positively identify the plant; indeed, I am not even sure that it might be a true grass. The stems of true grasses have a round cross section. The stems of sedges have a triangular cross section. Click on THIS SITE to find their office nearest to you; and take a sample in to them. (Phone first) Not only will they identify it, they will give you expert advice on it.  

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QUESTION: Do sedges usually grow in clumps. What ever this plant is it is growing in clumps and it is soft and if I could get it to take over the yard would make a great lawn because it stays green when the rest of the lawn turns brown.

Yes! Sedges do have a clumping habit; as do true grasses that grow from seed. (Bahia, rye)
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