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I have a small front yard and over the past few years I have had patches of clover in the grass now its almost to the point I have patches of grass in the clover it has now just about taken over the yard. Yes with the clover the yard is still green but I would prefer to have grass. Any thoughts would be appreciated. By the way I live in Kentucky if that means anything. Thanks

OK David, I will take you almost literally. Here are my thoughts.
1. Mother Nature seems to prefer a mixture of vegetation over a 'pure stand'.
2. A species of grass, sedge, shrub etc. might predominate; there might even be a succession of vegetation as time passes; or as the seasons change.
And we can either work with Mother Nature; or against Her!
I will make two observations. Mother Nature seeks to cover any bare ground with some sort of vegetation; and there was a time when all our needs were supplied by plants. So it is possible to grow a nice looking "lawn" and obtain from it, a useful product.

Now for your questions. Obtain a list of the grasses that are most suitable for you and the area in which you live. Browse the internet to find images of the grass in lawns; or look around the neighborhood to see how they look. Then go back to your list and select only the ones that you find pleasing. Then go through that short list to find out if you can commit to the time, effort  and expense that would be required to grow a good looking lawn.
Then decide; and go for it! The County Extension Agent will be your best ally.  


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