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This past week, and subsequent
6 days, skunks and/or racoons have
been digging up an area 10 X 20
in my yard I assume digging for
grubs.  I had purchased Grub X
and applied it at the first sign
of the digging.  I held off putting
it down as I was told to apply
it in mid May, and info on bag says
to apply it in July.  I live in
Michigan where we had a unseaonsably different climate.
I had the info on bag says it will
eradicate grubs within 14 hours.
I had occasssion to run across a
Scott's vendor at Home Depot who
said that Grub X will not eradicate
grubs in 24 hours, but to make
sure I watered it in fully.  I have
been watering everyday, and yet
evey morning (after repair same),
area is dug up.  I am reluctant
to remove sod at this time, put
down new top soil and reseed in
fear area will just be destroyed
again.  Questions being, at what
time of year can grub removal be
applied and is there anything I
can do now to stop this?  A friend
some years ago applied "bone blood"
around his fence which kept these
animals out of his yard.  The store
that sold it is out of business and
I am in the process of trying to
locate someone who has it.
I am also plagued by ground hogs
and possums even though I am some
distance from a wooded area.  Ground hogs free free to house
themselves under my storage shed.
I have seen a racoon go under there
also as well as a skunk using the
same entry.  I have a healthy
lawn for most part free of weeds,
etc.  I applied grub control last
year but do not remember at one
time of year I did it.  I previously had a lawn service do
my fertilizing (Scotts), however
they did a lousy job so I took it
upon myself to use the Scotts step
system along with the grub control
the past couple of years.
Thank you for your assistance.

Good Morning R. Reynolds:
This is the best web site I know that will explain the problem you are facing. The times for treating grubs would be the same in your area.
Dealing with white grubs in Illinois:
I know of no grub treatment that will kill grubs within 14 hours. The chemicals slowly sicken the grubs and provide for their natural death.

From Scott's Web site:

Your friend that applied bone blood probably used "Blood Meal".  My suggestion to you if you are trying to get rid of the creatures in your area that you go back into and go to the "Home/Garden" section. Next go to "Landscaping" and then to "Pest Control".  

Her is one of the experts answer on skunk control:

I hope this helps. Have a good lawn:
Floyd McMahon


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