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Lawns/Cedar Chips for Termites


Lestergee wrote at 2007-05-22 01:56:07
I beg to differ with you on the CedarCide Products for Termite control.  I recently read a Scientific and emperical data study conducted by Mississippi State using CedarCide Products along side of 9 chemical termiticides.  Guess what, the CedarCide was number one in the stake tests !And all done with natural cedar oil. There is a publication on their website done by Dr. Robert Adams of Baylor.  His study was cedar oil as a termiticide.  Excellent reading.  Makes one wonder why we use chemicals at all.

Long Island Gardener wrote at 2007-05-24 04:28:28
Cedarcide was tested against chemical products - I don't doubt there are lots of things that don't work as well. But test it against some of the NON chemicals - independent testing (not posted on their website for obvious reasons) puts Cedarcide behind a few other things which happen to be more expensive.  The most expensive option of course is the one that can't be measured in dollars, the one concerning human and environmental health.  Add to that the health care costs of chemicals.  Add to that the chemical mess we leave our heirs.  Cedar oil clearly hits the home run there.  But Termites are not something to mess with, and there are a few NON-chemical choices with a track record that you can pay through the nose for and sleep at night.  I HOPE Cedarcide proves superior in the long run.  Right now, their run is too short and unproven to count on when we have other organic options.  In a year, hopefully, things will be different.

1814 wrote at 2012-11-23 17:44:19
I found a board full of termites n my back yard , I sprayed dishwashin liquid mixed n water from a spray bottle it killed them very fast , so I buy dishwashin liquid and mix three 99 cent bottles in a five gal. Bucket of water and pour arund my home no problem since,I use this once a month , cheep pestaside kills roaches n spiders too, gud luck ;-)


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