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Lawns/Redapple iceplant weeds


Charles Gray wrote at 2009-07-14 01:58:27
When trying to remove weeds in ice plant or lawns that have the long grass weeds I use Round-up. Get a mop, soak and ring out. Lightly walk the service with out touching the ice plant or main grass. Just mop or brush the tips. The round-up goes on and in week or so you'll see weeds dying. This process is already in the roots within 2 hours. But visually seen in a week.

tricked consumer wrote at 2009-10-01 21:20:26
Don't waste your money on Killer for ice plant weeds.  It doesn't work, even when used in concentrations greater than directed.  I tried it for my aptenia "red apple" ice plants as recommended with no effect.  I then tried it again thinking maybe it might work at greater concentrations and even made sure the soil wasn't watered for two days before and  7 days after even though only tow days is required.  I also applied it directly to the weeds without dilution two days after the first application.   Two an a half weeks later the weeds were still strong with few exceptions and some of my red apple was damaged.  I took the risk on the second purchase as I can find no other product that "claims" to kill weeds but not the ice plant.  Claims is the operative term, that's all it does.  Still don't believe me - read the "Warranty Statement" on the bottle.  Not only is it not a warranty, but it states that they don't accept any responsibility if  "when" it doesn't work.  There is also no phone number provided and only a P.O. box.  Try to find their website to contact them - you can't.  It doesn't work and they seem to know it, but continue to sell it anyway counting on people trying it because they cannot find anything else.  I suggest you keep your money and use it for a pre-emergent after you have pulled the existing weeds by hand - the only thing that actually works.

Tom3 wrote at 2010-09-09 16:02:23

I believe the answer you received from KJ is in error. Round-Up WILL kill your Ice Plant and any other vegetation it comes in contact with. I am in Southern California and have a crabgrass problem in my newly planted Red Apple Ice Plant. I am researching a product called "ORNAMEC", recommended by my landscaper, but have been unable to determine that it WILL NOT harm the Red Apple Ice Plant, as it is not listed in the "safe" plants by the manufacturer. I too, thought "Killer" was a SELECTIVE weed killer, but in the past have not had much success with that product on crabgrass. I'll post more information as I get it.


Vineyard owner wrote at 2011-07-20 20:31:28
You don't know what you're talking about, Killer works AWESOME on killing weeds and DOES NOT HURT ICE PLANT!!!!!!!

Ron, PHD chemist wrote at 2013-03-16 03:32:48
Roundup will kill most plants if applied to the foliage. Most probably it will kill ice plants. The commonly sold product for killing weeds in ice plant is a water solution of magnesium chloride. It, like most weed killers, takes a few weeks to completely kill the weeds. An effective grass killer for use in ice plants is a product called Fusilade. My gardener used it effectively.  

3rd wrote at 2013-04-15 15:33:10
This was an old post but I didnt want future viewers misled. the KILLER iceplant weed killer forementioned is an awesome product. I have probably 30 plus years experience with it. it is tuff in that it must stay dry 4 days after applying. however you spray indiscrimenitly right on and over the iceplant. put whatever category title you like on it, it does not harm the iceplant whatsoever. If anything it seems to give it a boost. Though not cheap I have found not.hing that is anywhere near as effective.

Chris wrote at 2013-07-24 21:06:59
Where can KILLER be purchased, I have scoured the internet with no success!

Steve wrote at 2016-03-02 20:30:25
I used Killer for Ice Plant weeds on my 3000 sq ft of red apple that was being overrun by oxalis. A first pass with 3 gallons diluted 50/50 with water had almost no results. Three weeks later a second pass with 3 gallons with 1 part Killer and 1/2 part water had great results killing the tops, I don't know about the roots, of the oxalis. A week later I applied 2 gallons with the stronger dilution to the remaining patches of oxalis. A week later I would say the oxalis is 95% brown.


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