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Lawns/leatherback grub


Helen wrote at 2014-05-04 19:23:04
Hi did you get any luck with this problem? I live in France but my sister - in -law lives in SW Scotland and has this terrible problem with her lawn. I have been browsing the net to se if I could find any advice for her,and found you're post. Hope that you don't mind me contacting you.

Kindest regards



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rick hern


I can answer most general lawn care questions. I can identify most lawn pest. I`m also good at weed identification & eradication.


I currently manage a 16 acre estate. i am in charge of the general maintenance of buildings and i supervise the landscape maintenance staff. i teach landscape/horticulture evening classes for a community college in NJ. I taught landscape/horticultural classes for a NJ vocational high school for 5 years. prior to that I owned & operated a landscape/garden center facility for 20 + years. My experience is in commercial & residential sales & care of houseplants as well as landscaping.

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