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I have a copy of led zepplin live on blueberry hill but it is plain covered white with printed only the title  no titles on the ops but numbered 1 2 3 4 only one lp is blue the other red with no labelling whatsoever any info would be appriciated and value if known cheers steve

Hi Steve

Several versions of the Blueberry Hill boot used colored vinyl, but only a couple specifically pressed them with that color combination - Mushroom Records & TMOQ (Trademark Of Quality).  From the information provided, it's hard to tell which one it is, but I believe it's a second or third pressing of the TMOQ one.  Some copies from the subsequent pressings still used red/blue vinyl, but lacked the artwork from the first run, and had a very simplistic cover.  Though the later pressings aren't as valuable as the first one, it's still likely to be worth $100-$120 (assuming the discs/cover are in very good condition).  In this case, the best contributor to its value is the use of colored vinyl.

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