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I have a "Jimi Castor Bunch" Vinyl Record. Its titled "Bertha" The cover is the actual Castor Bunch Artwork etc on Atlantic,  the label for Side A is the Jimi Castor Bunch titles etc etc BUT Side B is labelled LEZ ZEPPELIN III  !!?? I put the Album on while drawing a bath expecting to hear the Castor Bunch and instead heard Led Zep coming from the Stereo. Duh? Went back to check, sure enough the Label was Jimi Castor but I was listening to Led Zeppelin !!! Looked at the flip side and it was labelled Led Zeppelin III to my amazement. Flipped it over and the Album is a copy of Zep III no Castor bunch anywhere. I closely checked the labels to see if they were tampered with, not a hint of anything other than a factory sealed label ?? So I have a Jimi Castor Bunch Cover and label on one side, Led Zep 3 label on the other side, and the whole Album is Led Zep 3. I think this makes this more than the average strange "Oddity". Ever heard of this one before? Any comments, knowledge, fa
cts or heresay in this regard would be greatly appreciated. Hope you are still linked to this passion, glad I found your link. Thanks AL

Hi Al

Wow, I bet it didn't take very long to realize you weren't listening to Jimmy Castor music!  These types of labeling errors are somewhat common, and it's simply a case of someone not paying attention when they labeled the discs.  It seems that many pressings of Zep records in the early-mid 1970s had at least one example of records being labeled (usually on one side) with another artist from Atlantic.  Your record was likely pressed around 1975, since Jimmy Castor Bunch wasn't with Atlantic prior to '74.  But yes, it's simply an "oddity" that seemed to leak out to stores in unknown quantities.  

Check out this link, regarding the same type of labeling error:


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