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Hi Mike

I am a new fan of Led Zeppelin and I have interest to Robert Plant, He is now my favourite singer, he was so sexy back then in 1970's and I also adore him as a man who has great mind and also great of sense of humour. As we all know that Led Zeppelin was notourious in having so many groupies in their tour in america. In 1977 , Robert had relatioship with Audrey Hamilton, I saw their pictures and they looked were in love. So sorry, if my question is really cheesy, if they had affair in 1977, it means that robert was still married with maureen, right ? I Wonder if maureen was jealous and did their love affair give hard times to the marriage? was maureen feel alright with robert who absolutely had wild parties with groupies during led zeppelin tour at that time?

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Hi Laily

Great to hear that you're a new Zep fan, you certainly won't regret it!  In '77, Plant was still married to Maureen, as they ultimately divorced in '83.   There never was much information about his personal life with Maureen, he understandably preferred to keep that stuff private.  Best I can tell, she may have "looked the other way" about this affair, because suddenly they had to deal with the tragic death of their son, Karac that year.  I don't think there was any one thing that led to their divorce.  

"We grew up and realized that although we care for each other, we can't be together.  Personalities change over the years, and niggling problems become predominant.  We finally said, 'Let's call it a day'."  (Us Magazine, Oct '83)

As for groupies, that was just a part of the touring thing.  A lot of the craziness while on tour was a symptom of boredom and homesickness, as they really missed their wives & families, especially during the long North American tours.  If you check out the lyrics to "Tea For One" (from the "Presence" album), you'll see what I mean.

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