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Mike..why does jimmy's playing and the drums sound so out of sync in the song Black Dog?Its not for the whole recording only part of it... It just doesn't sound right, at least to my ears anyway.



Hi Mark

Indeed, there are moments during "Black Dog" when the drums seem to drag along behind the bass and guitar.  Most notably, the famous main riff and the extended pre-chorus one (right before Plant sings the "Oh yeah..." part).  

It's basically an illusion of Jones & Page shifting time signatures against Bonham's constant 4/4 beat.  The first bar of the riff is more like 3/4 time (3 beats) which puts Bonham's drumming somewhat behind the other instruments.  Counting out the second half of the riff in 5/4 time, the 4/4 drumming catches up, so to speak.  

During the extended riff before "oh yeah", basically the same story - the guitars "jump ahead" of Bonham's steady 4/4 rhythm and they meet up at the end. It gives the illusion they're out of sync, but actually they weren't.  An interesting effect that makes the song seem hyper-fast and laid back at the same time.

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