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Led Zeppelin/l.z. market square arena poster


Hi, I have a l.z. market square arena poster I am interested in knowing the value of and I am also interested in selling. It is set in a wood frame with glass and appears to be in great shape. I can't open it because the back is stapled but thru the glass it appears to not be glassy and appears different than others I have seen. The top of the poster is a lighter purple going to a darker purple on the bottom. I purchased this at a yard sale in the early to mid 80's. Please contact me with info or anybody interested in buying it. Thanks

Thanks for the question Ron, The poster alone as a reproduction can cost  about $18.00,and being framed about $30.00.That being said without checking the thickness of the paper I cannot give you anymore good news but if it is then you can go as high as $200.00 for the poster without the frame which I think seen its better days.But the odds are it may be a reproduction and they did make a ton of these,but again I cannot tell you need to see if it is heavy stock paper,Good Luck

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I can answer any Led Zeppelin and post Zeppelin.I can answer any questions about any tour,date recordings( both official releases and bootleg recordings),and the stories behind them. I also have a good bearing of Zeppelin collectibles as I have several.


I have been obsessed with Zeppelin since 1979 and have collected bootlegs in which I have almost complete tours of 1973,1975,1977,1979,1980 and earlier shows from 69-72.(I really did not care for earlier recordings as the quality was not all there,So I got alot of soundboard recordings).My older cousins saw them in the Singer Bowl in NY and others saw them every tour till 1977.My best friend also saw them in 75 and 77,I saw Plants first tour,2 ARMS concerts,2 Firm shows,I went to Live Aid,Page's Outrider tour,Plants 2nd tour,Page with the Black Crows at Roseland Ballroom in 1999,2 more shows with the crows in 2000,Them Crooked Vultures in 2009,Met Page at the Ritz,met roadies at Oakland 1977 who worked with Rick Derringer also the lawyer who represented Zeppelin for the Oakland debacle. I also have video footage of tours. I also played guitar and I am familiar with all of Page's equiptment,as well as Bonzos and Jones's . I also went to the Zep conventions in NJ in 1988 and the one in Cleveland in 1996. In closing I have a wealth of knowledge in this field and have access to lots of material in print and recordings and know every instrument that was used live and in recordings along with all the tabloid gossip stuff that most people relish but its all about the music.(and mudsharks and Lori Maddox)just kidding.

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