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Chris Z wrote at 2013-03-17 12:29:09
Hi Ann Marie.  - I've discovered a big lot of Zeppelin studio sessions and rare interviews from my own personal collection that you and your boyfriend may be interested in. Hours of stuff. (I MUST APOLOGIZE for my original way-to-short answer before but I've recently moved and many things still in boxes. I've finally uncovered my Zep collection again thank goodness). Interviews from the very early days (including Robert and John on the Wolfman Jack show '75, etc..) and incredible studio outtakes from a very nervous Robert Plant when recording the first album in '68/69 to outstanding Led Zep IV recordings from Headley Grange and the true beginnings of Stairway To Heaven, etc., moving on to a full rehearsal/instrumental version of Kashmir with Jimmy Page and John Bonham ONLY getting it together and countless hours of rehearsals and studio sessions documenting each album. If you are still interested I can set you up with all of this stuff.   Please do not respond via unless it's via the "Private" option only! You can reach me personally via email at If you email me please head the email as "AM" so I know it's you. Otherwise it will go to spam. Hope you are well. Take care.  Chris Z.

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I`m not only a Zeppelin fanatic, but I have been collecting Zeppelin - including Jimmy Page and Robert Plant solo music & information - for over 27 years. I am truly a lover of Page/Plant music in & out of Zeppelin simply because of the honesty & integrity of it all. - I have been studying them for as long as I have been listening to Rock/Blues Music. Their interpretation of the blues is unlike any other. I look forward to any question and will answer the very best I can - as above all - I am just a fan like you! (Please understand my interest is in the music and people of REAL life; NOT in rumor or fantasy).


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