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I'm trying to find out if a Led Zeppelin album I found is a rare version. It's a Blk record with white labels on both sides that have no markings except 1 side has Rock & Roll hand written on it. If you tilt the album just the right way under a light, you can make out a marking: 3646-A which is very faint and looks like it was scratched on with a straight pin (Not Pressed).  The Album is a full live concert, but there is more songs on it than listed as a Bootleg 3646. The sleeve is white, but one side has 7 60's/70's looking cartoons on it with a Pirates head with a knife in his mouth with the letters CBM over the head. The art work is signed: J. Fish. Hopefully the photos I included will also help. Thank you, Sam

Hi Sam

This seems to be a version of the "BBC Zep" boot, in this case, issued by Contraband Music (hence the "CBM").  BBC Zep was reissued by a few labels, all with variations in cover art.  In all likelihood, the album was pressed with completely blank labels, and someone other than the manufacturer wrote "Rock & Roll" on it.  Since there were quite a few releases of BBC Zep, the title itself is not very rare, and winning bids averaged $50-$60.  The Contraband version, however, is harder to find than other releases of "BBC Zep", so it could be considered relatively rare.  Thus, there could be increased value if a particular collector were searching specifically for a Contraband copy.  


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