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QUESTION: am i going crazy? I just bought BBC Sessions for the 2nd time, and the acutal line "its your thing, do what you wanna do" isn't in Communication Breakdown track 11. Is my memory from another album??

ANSWER: Hi Walter.

No you're not going crazy. Seems that even the wizard Jimmy Page can't help fall victim to copyrights and time constraints. While putting together BBC Sessions he had to do a small amount of editing when he couldn't get copyright permission for certain cover songs or snippets and also some edits were done, particularly in the Whole Lotta Love medley, so as to be able to fit on the CD itself. Most CD's can only hold 80 minutes or so of music on each disc.

It's kind of like if you buy an old TV show, or even movie on DVD these days you may notice some of the music is not what you remember it to be. That's because they couldn't get copyrights to reproduce it. Case in point is a show like 'The Greatest American Hero' from 1980-81 which used lots of rock and roll songs. (Back then you didn't have to worry about copyrights and could do almost anything. It was great). But now if you watch the DVD of the show, almost ALL the rock music has been replaced by 'elevator' music. It's very frustrating.

It's a real tragedy that the music business is so damned uptight these days. "It's Your Thing" was originally a song by The Isley Brothers. It's been covered numerous times over the years including, of course, Led Zeppelin. So with Jimmy couldn't get the copyright permission to use the song again, or he needed more space to fit on the CD. In interview Jimmy points out those two reasons but doesn't mention the exact numbers. So it's got to be either or. Hopefully there will be a full release someday. There are some 'fan edits' out there which have the complete performances culled from the many bootlegs out there.

Hope this helped!

Chris Z.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: That's fantastic to hear....
NOW!! do you have any advice on tracking down one an uncut BBC cd? I've been on the usual online sites, but nobody notices the changes and explaining what i want to them is hit or miss at best.

Is there a specific group of upc codes to look within?
Are the listed lengths of the songs on the back of the case different?

Please help! You're the only person i can talk to about this now : (

thank you so much for being there

Hi Walter.

The entire show at the Paris Theater has been available on bootlegs for years in one package. Most successfully under the "ANTRABA" label. The other songs from the different BBC sessions are out there as well. I have them somewhere and will search for them. Also try HiddenGrok.com. This guy has just about everything regarding Zep shows. If I find my copies I'll post a follow-up and let you know. Also you can find some of the original songs on youtube under. Don't just check for Led Zeppelin though, also check under "The Nobs".

And don't forget about Facebook. Lots of Zep collector pages on there. "Led Zeppelin Radio" is a good one but there are plenty.

Anyway I'll get back to you soon as I can with any more info I can find. Most of my stuff is still in boxes after a recent move.

Hope this helped!

Chris Z.

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