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Hi Mike

The question I have to ask is about Led Zeppelin Physical Graffitti LP. I currently own a first pressing
of this LP but just recently I purchased another version of this LP.
The outer sleeve is the die cut version. On the reverse the wording is:
Swan Song  logo.
Swan Song / 484 Kings Road London SW10
Cullderstead Ltd.  trading as Swan Song
A Swan Song/ Atlantic recording distributed by WEA Records Ltd. P & C 1975.
White card with Title listing.
With sleeve printed and made by
Gothic Print Finishers Ltd
London SE9 2EQ.
2 card inner sleeves.

All seems exactly as my original UK first pressing.
Except for 2 things.

The first is that the matrix numbers on this LP are scratched SSK 894400-A no number after this.
Then on all sides ending B/C/D again no number 1 and not maching stamped as my other Physical Graffitti LP.

The second is the inner LP sleeves have a die cut at the opening, similar to the inner sleeve of Pink Floyd The Wall.

And the only other is the LP label for side 1 has bubbling to it.

I hope this is enough info to give me a better idea of whether this is a genuine first pressing or a very good re-issue.

Kindest regards Steve

Hi Steve

No reason to doubt, here - it has all of the indicators that identify a genuine first pressing.  To be exact, the numeric part of the matrix should be "89400" rather than "894400".  The variation on matrices (letters only) show up occasionally, and simply seem to be copies cut from a different stamper.  Recently, the same kind of question came up:

As for the cover, I've seen quite a few minor variations amongst first pressing covers for Physical Graffiti & LZ3.  Production of these specialty covers & sleeves were more complicated than normal, and understandably there would have been last minute design modifications in each case.  Bubbling on the LP label would simply be chalked up as a minor defect, incurring a very slight decrease in desirability to a detail-oriented collector.

Hope this helps,

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