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Hello Mr. Mike,

i am collector of Led Zeppelin records, but I am loosing myself in album "Led Zeppelin I"  versions.
I understand there is cover turqupise lettering  (later replaced with orange lettering)  and record with plum-red label.

Letīs speak about "turquoise lettering".

I have two these albums and there are some differences in the covers and in the record labels as follows:  

My 1-st one has a thicker cover (heavier paper, looks more shinny-glossy). It seems to me also that the cover was made
in a different way of production. On the opening side of cover  the "varnished coating" goes ca. 3 cm inside into the inner side of the cover.  My 2-nd turquoise lettering cover has no this.
Both of them have "gray-bottom" stip, so I think it is not any fake or re-issue.

2)RECORD LABELS (both are plum-red labels, uncorrected matrix):
My 1st record has on label SIDE ONE written:
      1, 2, 4, Superhype Music
         3,  Jewel Music
etching is 588171  A//1
My 2-nd record has on label SIDE ONE written:
      1, 3, 4, Superhype Music
         3,  Jewel Music
etching is also  588171  A//1

So on my 2-nd record is written on label two times number "3".
How it is possible or it is really original offical misprint from year 1969  made during the pressing of the record?

I do not know how important it is, but it seems to me (surfing on internet) that there are "turqupise lettering covers " presenting also variou inner sleeves. Do U know which one  belongs to this "turquoise cover"  and how to recognise it?
Or there were so many inner sleeves at that time available?

I appologie for such a log email with my questins but I am confused and I cannot find any such an informations which wil help me and clerify these versions to me.

Thanx in advance for your explanations and answer.
I wish U all the best and letīs music of Led Zeppelin give endless pleasure worldwide.

Best rgds,

Hi Jonas

Your turquoise lettered copies are great items, considered by many to be up there on the "holy grail" level of album collecting. The turquoise lettering was changed almost immediately to orange, so very few were produced.  

Definitive answers to the first two questions would probably require a first-hand account from someone overseeing printing specifically for the turquoise ones.  That person might not even be alive, let alone remember details from what would have been just another day at the office back then.  

1) With so few turquoise albums produced, it's hard to imagine why more than one printing press or company would be involved, but that's a theory.  Each used their own stock, and one had the 3cm of coating, the other didn't.  It could have been as simple as the printers running out of one type of cover, and switching to another.  As you mentioned, there doesn't seem to be any reason to doubt authenticity.

2) I've seen both types of labels, and I don't think the misprint is any rarer than the proper one.  In all likelihood, two different printing presses (or runs) were used to produce the labels, and the plate was set improperly on one of them, thus giving us the extra "3".

3) The only variations I've seen with the inner sleeve had to do with whether or not they were coated with some type of poly lining.  In every scenario, they were simple, white, paper-based.  If the inner sleeve is of any other color or material, it probably isn't original.  Plain inner sleeves are so easy to replace, I wouldn't be surprised if a few copies had "new" ones to replace the original which might have been misplaced while the record was out of its package.  Also, remember that some people describing their copy might not be doing a good job describing the inner sleeve, or neglecting to mention it at all.  Probably nothing to really worry about, since the true indicators of this pressing have to do with the labeling and matrix etching.


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