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Led Zeppelin/Value of this CD bootleg please?


QUESTION: I have a 2 CD bootleg on the TDOLZ label of "The Lights Go Down" from Tulsa on Aug 21 1970. Mint condition. Allegedly limited to 250. Firstly,is that copy run correct and how much is the set now worth please? Thanks for your help.


Based on my information, there were indeed 250 copies of the deluxe edition issued.  With the exception of some "elite" labels, like Tarantura, bootleg CDs in general haven't really appreciated in value.  In 20 years, that may not be the case.  These days, when I see the deluxe version in seller lists, they are usually asking around $75 (~52), about 10-15% more than what they were listing for back in '99.  There's also a standard edition (1000 copies) that is appropriately of lesser value.  


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QUESTION: Thanks Mike - a slightly disappointing response, but not unexpected. I have a lot of original 'silvers' many of which I'm sure are worth less now than then! What about the original 3CD set of "Listen To This Eddie" on Silver Rarities, for instance?

Hi Pete

First of all, I share your disappointment!  
Silver Rarities' "Listen To This Eddie" is an old one, relative to other releases.  If I recall correctly, it came out around 1990.  
From what I've seen, it's averaging around $90, but I'd be inclined to think someone would offer at least $100 (66) for the set.  

As a footnote, one reason they were so pricey back in the early 90s is that home listeners weren't able to cheaply burn their own copies.  Nowadays, people can download the music & artwork, burn the discs, and print labels, all for very little cost.  Given that fact, the demand for original silvers isn't as high as 20 years ago, and current values reflect that.


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