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I'm not entirely sure how to tell the earlier pressings from the later ones, but my copy i ran across in a flea market seems to be one of those rarities that needs answered.... it has the markings on side one: AT st-a702005-a (1) one mastercraft pr (the p and r overlap) -so mote be it- and side two: AT st-a702006-a (2) two Mastercraft PR (legible this time) PR -do what thou wilt-

Hi Andrew

There has been some confusion in the past as to whether or not this was a first pressing, a lot of it having to do with the "mastercraft" tag.  Glad you mentioned the overlapping "PR", as that points to it being one an early (probably not THE first) U.S. pressing from 1970.  Here is an example of a record with similar matrix features:


I'm pretty sure there was another 702005 pressing in 1977, but the additional matrix information was different. Sometimes it's easy to tell an early pressing from a later one.  Definitely not the case with LZ III.  

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