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Led Zeppelin/Led Zep IV album cover print


Hi Mike,
I have a print of the above signed by Aubery Powell.  Could you please tell me if you have any knowledge of his involvement in the design/production of this cover?
Many thanks for taking the time to respond to my request.  If you ever find yourself in our part of England I'll buy you a pint!
Kind Regards, Mark.

Hi Mark

From all I've read & heard, Powell has never taken credit (or been given credit) for involvement with the fourth album's cover design.  Jimmy Page has always explained the design as having been a collaboration with Robert Plant, who bought the painting seen on the front.  

"Robert and I came up with the design of IV together.  Robert had actually bought the print that is on the cover from a junk shop in Reading.  We then came up with the idea of having the picture - the man with the sticks - represent the old way on a demolished building, with the
new way coming up behind it."

There is a bit of vagueness by using "we" there, but it's assumed he was also referring to himself and Plant.  Keep in mind, Page did have a knack for visual arts (he loved painting) and attended art school for a while.  But generally speaking, the design and production has been said to be led by Page himself.  

Powell did the photography for Houses Of The Holy, and his company Hipgnosis produced cover designs for the band's subsequent albums.  Obviously, that links Powell strongly to the band, so it's not that much of a surprise to see his autograph on anything from Led Zeppelin.  Would have made more sense if his autograph was on one of the later album's sleeves.  

Hope this helps - thanks for the pint!

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