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Led Zeppelin 1st album, 1st side
Led Zeppelin 1st album  

Led Zeppelin 1st album, 2nd side
Led Zeppelin 1st album  
Dear Mike,

As U are big expert of Led Zeppelin and your web-site is great and helps a lot, I would  like to ask you also for another help or explanation about Led zeppelin 1st album:

I have quite strange copy of this album, (plum orange label with ´Warner Bros´)  where the numbers 588171  are "thicker" and a little smaller (i.e. different font type)  then you show above  by this version of album.
Also on 1st side the matrix number  8 is "crossed",  om 2-side the matrix numbers are uncrossed (uncorrected).
Did U ever meet with such an exemplar of this album?
Maybe to better  understand me, I  send you the photos.

I have more photos, if U want, but there is possible to attach only two.  

Many thanx for your answer in advance and best regards,


Hi Jonas

I have seen them quite a few times, and it could be considered a desirable early pressing.  As I recall, every copy also had A1/B1 tags in the matrix.  These are sometimes referred to as the "crossed matrix" pressing or "MacNeill sleeve", in reference to the cover's printer.  For means of comparison, here are a few other examples:

As you can see in the first link, it ended up selling for $155, but most of the time, the average selling price is closer to $100.  

Hope this helps,

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