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I have the same poster as the WINTERLAND Nov. 6-7-8  1968 BROTHERHOOD OF LIGHT poster as the guy you reviewed and told him it was "fake". The only difference between my poster and his, is that mine has, TRIBUNE SHOWPRINT, INC. EARL PARK, IN. Ph.  - Fx , printed at the bottom left-hand side of the poster.
Does this make a any difference?
Do you have any more info on this poster?
What is it worth?

Hi Bobby

To refresh, this was the original poster question:

Zooming in a bit, it seems that this one also has the Tribune Showprint info at the bottom left.  Any other ones I've seen in photos had the writing, so for now, I'm assuming they all had the Tribune address on the bottom.  

Tribune Showprint rock posters generally have the same style, in terms of font and colors.  Many of them have that pink/yellow/blue or green background.  In addition to this poster, they produced  another Led Zeppelin "fake" poster of them allegedly performing in Central Park 1974 (um...they did not).  

Since the original question came in, I had been keeping an eye open to see what they are fetching.  Bad news is, I haven't seen anybody bid on them yet - to serious collectors, the inaccuracies are probably too much to stomach.  There's currently a listing on eBay, asking $35 for 4 of these posters, and nobody has bid.  Suffice to say, my original estimate of $30 might have been a bit too optimistic, but it's still a nice looking poster.  Years ago, I purchased a very obviously fake 1977 tour poster simply because I liked how it looked.  That said, someone with the same mindset could come along and offer around $25 for it, merely for liking the design.  Yes, it's a fake poster, but as far as I know, it has long been out of print, which helps its cause in terms of value.


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