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1969 seattle pop festival framed & matted
1969 seattle pop festi  

1969 seattle pop festival framed & matted
1969 seattle pop festi  
Greetings!!  I've been trying for a few months now to find out how much my poster 1969 Seattle Pop Festival print is worth and I think I've finally come to the right place.  I've attached a few picture of the poster so you know exactly what I've got.  
It's a framed and matted print of the 1969 Seattle Pop Festival Poster done by John Moehring.  The piece is mint as well as the frame.  any irregularities in the pics are from the camera.  This peice is a real beauty with the matting complimenting the picture perfectly.  No holes no creases as I saw in one of the other posts on the page regarding the same print.  This one is gem mint.  
I would love to know what you think of it, how much it may be worth, and where I could sell a piece like this.
Thanks in advance for your time.

Greg Groves

Hi Greg

The Seattle Pop poster has always proven to be a relatively desirable item, even those having a bit of wear and tear.  Every copy I have seen for sale or auction has had at least one slight defect or blemish to it, and they still sold well.  Yours is the first one I've seen mint condition, and though the pictures aren't highly detailed, I'm sure you've scrutinized the poster closely for any problems.  

Unframed, less-than-pristine prints of the original Moehring poster can still sell around $700-$1000, but that's not the case here.  It's in great condition, framed, and nicely matted.  The combination of those three things put its value far above the rest.  If you didn't need to sell it immediately, and had time to entertain multiple offers, I think it could ultimately fetch as much as $2500 from someone who's really interested.

As for selling it, I can't really recommend one site or another, but there are galleries that auction posters online (do a Google search on "music poster auctions" and you'll see what I mean).  Another option would be to advertise it locally, since for this amount of money, some collectors would want to see the poster in person.  

Quite a poster you have!  Good luck.

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