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I was wondering if you could verify a quote for me by Robert Plant, with proof if possible. I started to get really into Led Zeppelin when I was about 15, so I was obsessed with quotes and interviews and I read somewhere (not sure to this day) that Robert Plant said "Mystery isn't about darkness, it's about intrigue." I'm 23 now and that quote still sticks with me, I love it. But since it's not a very popular quote or there's no real proof surrounding it, it's sort of an "unofficial" quote to me. Do you know what question provoked this sort of statement from him? Or when and if he really said this? I am thinking about getting this as a tattoo as well, so I REALLY don't want to get a quote of something that was never even said by Plant. Any info you have on this would be so GREATLY appreciated! (:

Hi Leeann

You'll be happy to know it's a real quote.  It was cited by Cameron Crowe in his essay for the liner notes of the first boxed set, released in 1990.  Here's the context:

"I remember at the time there were a lot of musicians who were really insensitive about their audiences interpretation of their work. You'd get all this negativity coming out, as if to be mysterious is to be negative, to be dark. Mystery is not about darkness. It's about intrigue. There's a fine line in between, of course. Not even a fine line...it's a gossamer thread."

Plant later went on to mention "Kashmir", which likely dates the quote around 1975.  Not sure what the question was to invoke that response, but with Plant, it somewhat didn't matter - he'd speak what was on his mind.  

Good luck with the tattoo!  Sounds like a cool idea.


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