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I have an orange and plum labeled fourth album with the peter grant production credit. It would appear that it was previously a stickered variety with the stickers removed, One can see some form of impression left by possible stickers but nothing on the other side. Were the stickers applied to just one side or both?

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There were quite a few labeling configurations for the fourth album.  The third of these employed a sticker to cover up that Peter Grant credit.  The sticker's print had Kinney/Superhype credits with "Produced by Jimmy Page" at the bottom.  Stickers were indeed affixed to both sides of the album.  There were so many mishaps with this album's labels, it's very likely that stickers were mistakenly not applied to one side.  That seems to be the case with your copy - evidence of more quality control problems for these pressings!  Eventually, new labels were printed, and the stickers no longer needed.


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QUESTION: Hello again mike

What is the weight of Mr. Page's Les paul guitar? I ask because my own weighs in at a rather hefty 10.5 lbs. He seems to throw his about with particular ease and he doesn't strike me as a fellow who used the gym to prepare for tours!! I know Les Pauls vary in weight and i wondered what his two les pauls weighed

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Hi again Mark

I played a Les Paul for many years, and can definitely attest to it being a heavy guitar!  Page's "#1" Les Paul had plenty of modifications, the most significant of which were the shaved down neck with made it much more shallow, or narrow.  When the Gibson shop sought to replicate the guitar a few years ago, they did it in excruciating detail.  That model weighed 8.6 pounds, which seems to be an accurate figure, given the modified neck.  His #2 Les Paul didn't have as narrow a neck, and included some additional electronics, which likely put it closer to the "average" weight of 9.5 pounds.  

Back in the day, Jimmy's fragile frame belied jumping around on the stage with such heavy guitars for 3+ hours.  Plus, he also played with his Doubleneck, which was even heavier than the Les Pauls.  His onstage acrobatics with those hefty guitars led to recurring back problems throughout his career.  I also have wondered how Jimmy could sling those instruments around so easily, but I'm sure with all the excitement and adrenaline at the time, anything's possible.  


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