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I have to have a friendly disagree,net with you.  First, I am a History teacher with a BS in Sendary History Ed and minor in Physics from Illinois State University and a Masters in History from ISU as well.  Your quotes about Zeppelin drawing more than the Stones in 1972 are complete LIES.  I actually did my Masters Thesis on the Stones 1972 Tour and have you and the rest of Zeppelin fans who claim to be "experts" performed any research outside of what the Zeppelin side has has claimed?  have you looked at the the Tour dates?  The Stones performed more shows in every city!  I grow tire the Jimmy Page worshipping morons who can't research past the lies toled by Stephen Davis and carried on by wannabe thugs like Richard Cole.  The only reason Zeppelin would be a bigger draw now is that the Stones have toured since 1980 when Zeppelin fell to earth; I'd love to see them try to keep it up though.  In closing, not one shred of evidence has shown anything that you claim.  And by the way, Stephen Davis has been pointed out to be a poor rock journalist.  For my Master's Thesis, I actually interview Robert Greenfield (famed rock journalist) who claimed that Davis wouldn't know anything since he wasn't there and that he, Robert Greenfield, was not only at Nelcotte, but on every show of the '72 Stones Tour and lays waste any claim that Davis had against the Stones.

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Hi Anthony

After a bit of digging, I found the answer of mine which referenced the comparison to the Stones' tours.  Being from six years ago, I didn't even recall writing such a thing, and wish I hadn't.  Much of that bad answer had to do with Plant's alleged quote that Led Zeppelin was "doing more business than [The Rolling Stones]".  But no, you're right.  The Stones played more gigs in the U.S. in 1972 and consequently drew more people.  Everybody has a bad day or two, and that was obviously one of mine.

The real point I should have been making was that both bands had very successful tours, but Led Zeppelin's wasn't as highly publicized as that of the Stones'.  

As for your issue with the 1975 comparison, same deal.  No idea why I made that assessment, given the fact that the Stones quite simply played more nights in similarly sized (and sometimes larger) arenas.  

Now if I can figure out a way to have that answer removed...


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