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QUESTION: I was wondering what year the Icarus/Apollo picture was first available as a poster. Was it 1974? 1975?

ANSWER: Hi Connie.

Interesting question..  not sure but check out your poster. There should be a copyright or trademark date somewhere in very tiny print usually located at the very bottom but I would check all corners. Maybe even the back of the poster.

Hope this helps. If I find out anything else, I will post a followup for you.

Chris Z.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for getting back to me so soon! I'm impressed! I actually don't have a poster, but I'm looking for the information to help with a writing assignment. I have a scene set in 1974 with the Led Zeppelin poster on the wall. I then realized that the poster might have been sold at a later date. I'll check to see if I can find the date from posters for sale, but if you happen to find out, I'd appreciate the info!

Hi Connie.

Led Zeppelin used Icarus/Apollo logo as their signature for their Swan Song label which began in 1974. It's a revision of Willem Rimmers famous painting "Evening:Fall of Day".  

Plant said as recently as 2003 (on the radio program Rockline) that it was Icarus while many still believe it to be Apollo the Sun God as depicted in the painting.

As far as the poster you are referring to, there are many posters of the Swan Song logo depicting Icarus/Apollo. I can't be sure when they were first printed. IF you can attach a picture of the one you are referring to, maybe I can narrow it down. In the meantime here's the wiki-link to Swan Song.

As you can see many bands were on this label, meaning Zeppelin had discovered such greats as Bad Company and The Pretty Things. Swan Song was also Robert's Plant's label for his first couple of solo efforts in the 80s.  

Hope this helped!

Chris Z.  

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