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QUESTION: Dear Mike Caldwell!!,
         Good Morning!! My name is Glen and I have an IN THROUGH THE OUTDOOR PROMOTIONAL TOUR JACKET that was given to me when I was 17. The company Felco Clothing company made it having the Led Zepplin log on the back shoulders and the In through the Outdoor logo on the left side of the chest. Dark Blue with Light blue Stripes on the sleeves with blue/dark blue rings around the wrists. It is in excellent shape but I have not been able to find any information on it anywhere. It was given to my cousin from the owner of Ear Wax Records I the '70's and that is all I know..I would love for you to give me any information you can on it!! I took it to my local cleaner who restores in antiques apparel and he informed me not to touch it until I have someone look at it further!! I look forward to hearing from you!!

         8 sincerely, Glen McPherson


In terms of Led Zeppelin apparel, authentic tour/promotional jackets are almost impossible to find.  Definitely an "inner circle" type of item, only small quantities of them were produced, generally for those closely associated with the band.  The color/design configuration you describe is something I have not seen before on a promo jacket from that era, but that doesn't necessarily put its authenticity into question.  Felco was a New York based company, and they were known to produce jackets for other tours from that era - Bad Company '79 and AC/DC '78 are two examples.  Thus, the Felco tag helps validate this jacket as being promotional, rather than some type of homemade garment.

Though obviously the band did not tour in 1981, there is evidence of a tour jacket from Electric Factory Concerts (3rd item on page):

It's pure speculation, but your jacket may have been produced in anticipation of the late 1980 concerts that were to take place in the eastern U.S.  The proximity of Felco to some of these tour locations (Philadelphia, Landover, Buffalo, etc) gives a bit more credence to that theory.   The jackets likely would have been intended for distribution to radio stations & record stores as prize items, or simply given to Led Zeppelin staff members.  

As for value, I'm sure the link above helps illustrate how much such items are worth.  Again, it's hard for me to be definitive about its origin, but certainly a unique jacket worth preserving!


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Mike!! Your reply was really helpful and I thank you for that? I have a part 2 Question, I also have an original "THE OBJECT "And I have exhausted all avenues and it's my belief this is real. It is has number 321/1000 stamped on the base, it is painted flat black..but unfortunately years ago by another party it was knocked off the bureau and broken in half..I will send pics but us the value destroyed or is it of some value...and is there a place to fix the item..I could really use your advice on this one!!

         Glen McPherson Jr.

Hi Glen

Looks like you've done the necessary homework for ensuring that your item is an original, rather than the reproductions that hit the market some 30+ years ago.  In the last couple years, demand for an original has increased quite a bit, and I don't see that trend ceasing anytime soon.

While it's indeed a shame that your piece is broken, it still has some value.  I know there are skilled restoration artists out there who repair things like statuettes and figurines.  Perhaps a reputable art dealer in your area could recommend such a person.  Even with a spot-on repair job, the piece would still have damage history, which will always deeply affect the value.  But with excellent condition copies now hitting the $3000 range, even a fraction of that amount would be great for a previously broken piece.   Might be a good item to hang onto for awhile, because they'll only become more and more scarce in the next few years.

Best wishes,

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