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1977 oakland poster
1977 oakland poster  
I went to an old woman's yard sale and found what seems to be an original 1977 led zeppelin concert poster. She told me she has had it since she was young, and it was in a really nice frame. I looked online and the original dimensions are the same. As well as the purple mountains in the back and the stripe going around the edge. Some bugs had got into the original frame and so I had to take it out. It was truly then that I believed it to be genuine. The paper is thick, and it has the age and smell of something really old. My question to you is..what is something like this worth? What other ways can I tell if it is genuine? I know it was their last performance in the U.S. and the only one I can find online are selling between $2000-$3000..any opinions or thoughts about it would be appreciated thanks."

Hi James

You're probably aware of the unauthorized reprint of this poster, which mimics the original's size and stock to a degree.  The best way to differentiate an original from the reprint is with the colors.  It's hard to be definitive from your photo, but it looks like the colors are consistent with the original. The fact that the mountains have a purple tint also indicate it being the real thing.

As for value, the poster has some high prices, but the most I've seen anyone spend in a bidding context was $1200.  Generally, they have sold for around half that amount, in varying degrees of good condition.  Thanks to your now-discarded frame, it looks like the poster's in really good shape, but again, hard to be definitive from the photo.  If it is free of any tears or creases, that could nudge the value up toward the $800 range.  


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