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Led Zeppelin/Led Zeppelin Biggest Band In The 1970's?


Hi Sal my name is Aaron and I believe that I asked you a question about Zeppelins The Battle Of Evermore that being one of my all time favorite Led Zeppelin songs being that my favorite Zeppelin song of all time and my favorite song of all time is Stairway To Heaven I asked one of the other experts on allexperts a little over three years ago who he thought was the biggest rock and roll band of the 1970's between Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd to his knowledge. And he told me that Pink Floyd has sold around two hundred million albums worldwide while Led Zeppelin is upwards of three hundred million albums worldwide. He told me that both of these bands are hugely influential and great bands with distinctive styles He told me that Zeppelin had more of an impact on the world of music in the 1970's from concert attendance, album sales, press reviews and influence on other up and coming bands. He told me that those are pure facts and that Pink Floyd were always a bit more intellectual but less ballsy if you will. I would like you to please tell me to the best of your ability and to the best of your knowledege since you are the top Led Zeppelin expert who was the biggest bond of the 70's. And according to Billboard not RIAA between Zeppelin and Flyod who sold more albums worldwide since you are the top Led Zeppelin expert on allexperts. Lastly I know for a solid fact that unlike Pink Floyd Led Zeppelin did not release any singles from there albums except Whole Lotta Love here in the U.S. because Zeppelin wanted there fans to buy there albums and not there singles establishing the album oriented rock. So I would think that even though Pink Floyd has been around a whole heck of a lot longer than Led Zeppelin that Led Zeppelin has sold more albums in the U.S. and around the globe than Pink Floyd. Thank You. Aaron Wake.

 Thank you for the question Aaron, To answer it unjaded is easy LED ZEPPELIN is the biggest band in the world period.Not only in the 70s but till today. As Jimmy Page said about his playing skills" I don't deal with technique I deal with emotion" and yes Zeppelin is a very emotional band to its fans. The riots to get tickets,the riots at the shows,there was not a magazine that sold well in the 70s and 80s that did not have a mention of Zep on the cover Zeppelin had the starship,lasers,and yes the mystique.In the seventies Zeppelin,Today the 2 biggest Zeppelin bashes are Pete Townsend and Mick and Keith ,why because Zeppelin was much more popular in a primal way,Townsend today says he does not like the fact that The Who are lumped together with Zeppelin and Jagger in the Atlantic Tribute DVD is trying to get Ahmed Ertegen to down play Zeppelin by saying they were a "Put together band" that got a giant advance all bands have to meet in elementary school. Ahmed himself only signed bands to Atlantic records that had one Virtuoso player with Zep he knew he had at least 2.
  Without Zeppelin and particularly Peter Grant Pink Floyd members would have  significantly less money in the bank,as before Zeppelin it was the promoters who gave the band a fee to perform and they kept the ticket sales ,Grant demanded and got 90% of sales and left the promoter with 10% for minor details like local help etc.Zeppelin did not need any promotion as Grant said"All a DJ has to say Zeppelin tickets go on sale and there wouldn't be a ticket left in a hour".
  Lets talk influence ,how many bands sound like Floyd today..maybe one or two how many Zep influenced bands today..Def Leppard,living color,STP,Guns and roses,Chili Peppers,Prince,Jack White,U2,Queen,Rush,Aerosmith!,the only reason Billy Squire was popular is that he came along after Zeps break up and basically made a Zeppelin LP!!Hell Iron Maiden based their whole career and songs after Achilles Last Stand.
  To get back to stats Zeppelin sold 300 million, The Stones 250 million and they made 3x as many albums as Zeppelin,remember Zep made only 8 studio albums that it.Floyd sold bout 250 million and the bulk of that was Dark side of the moon#cannot knock a great LP# now in zeps lifetime Floyd made 11 lps..if you want to count the post Waters Floyd you can but for the era Zeppelin ruled,even Zeppelins last LP "In through the out door" was credited to have revived record sales,even though The Wall was released 2 months later.
    Zeppelin set the standard before heartbreaker guitar solos were all over the place at the beginning middle and end of songs Heartbreaker told you where it should be in the middle.
  Now let us talk about reader polls..Best Guitarist year after year..Jimmy Page Best vocalist Plant Best drummer#except 75 when Karen Carpenter won# John Bonham.Best Bassist sometimes Jones and the same with Keyboards Jones.Best Band, Zeppelin Beat album Usually a Zep LP Zep 3 and Presence noted as retaliative failures but still gold and platinum.
 Lastly fan loyalty..How many ZOSO tattoos are there? license Plates?Sold out tours every Zep tour was a sellout,Zeppelin owned the 70's and beyond they harnessed the teenage angst and lust,decadence, their image will last forever with pursed lips bare chested and a les Paul hung low,The light and shade power and the hammer of the Gods nobody did it like Zeppelin and nobody has a chance anymore..Mind you this was all done without any major press and other media no television,no driving around Manhattan on a truck playing Brown Sugar..nothing but mystique and music.

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I can answer any Led Zeppelin and post Zeppelin.I can answer any questions about any tour,date recordings( both official releases and bootleg recordings),and the stories behind them. I also have a good bearing of Zeppelin collectibles as I have several.


I have been obsessed with Zeppelin since 1979 and have collected bootlegs in which I have almost complete tours of 1973,1975,1977,1979,1980 and earlier shows from 69-72.(I really did not care for earlier recordings as the quality was not all there,So I got alot of soundboard recordings).My older cousins saw them in the Singer Bowl in NY and others saw them every tour till 1977.My best friend also saw them in 75 and 77,I saw Plants first tour,2 ARMS concerts,2 Firm shows,I went to Live Aid,Page's Outrider tour,Plants 2nd tour,Page with the Black Crows at Roseland Ballroom in 1999,2 more shows with the crows in 2000,Them Crooked Vultures in 2009,Met Page at the Ritz,met roadies at Oakland 1977 who worked with Rick Derringer also the lawyer who represented Zeppelin for the Oakland debacle. I also have video footage of tours. I also played guitar and I am familiar with all of Page's equiptment,as well as Bonzos and Jones's . I also went to the Zep conventions in NJ in 1988 and the one in Cleveland in 1996. In closing I have a wealth of knowledge in this field and have access to lots of material in print and recordings and know every instrument that was used live and in recordings along with all the tabloid gossip stuff that most people relish but its all about the music.(and mudsharks and Lori Maddox)just kidding.

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