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The only 2 nights I have seen on film are the 24 and 25 shows. Were the 17,18,and 23 also filmed. I also heard that the pittsburg pa 1973 show was filmed also any ideas

Zep wing
Zep wing  
Hi James.

Yes they were all filmed. What you see on the 'official' release is what the crowd saw on the huge video screen, for the most part.  As far as what's been released it's still a matter of debate but it seems that the 24th and 25th, compared to the bootleg audio of each performance is the real thing. The prior dates are still around but not released for whatever reasons of which only Jimmy would know. Perhaps much of it was destroyed in safe keeping, which unfortunately in all too common, or he is simply not impressed with performance.

As far as Pittsburgh 73. This is actually a very famous show but for only a few seconds worth of video and a classic picture. The memorable image of Zeppelin by the wing of the Starship was taken there, on Plant's request, by Bob Gruen. (attached).  A few moments of video from the show, taken by a roadie at the side of the stage, can be seen in the official 1997 video promo for Whole Lotta Love. Here's that link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19npaPUCQrI

Hope this helped!

Chris Z.  

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